Places To Go Scuba Diving – Providing Some Variety

There are so many different places to go Scuba Diving and I don’t just mean exotic dive locations around the world. I mean they are GREAT places to go diving and are absolutely enjoyable but there are many others types of places to dive that are just as much fun and interesting to explore.

My first golden rule, no matter where you dive, NEVER dive alone! This is just a rule I stick to no matter what. If I cannot find a dive buddy or someone to stand on safety watch I will forgo the dive and dive another day. I have seen plenty of divers who dive alone and there have been many fatalities because of it. So this is just my first safety rule.

As a beginner diver going for their first open water dive after getting their Scuba Diving Certification, it is best to either go to the place your scuba school recommends or choose a location that has very calm water, easy access, not too deep (say 30 feet or so should do it) and be close to help if something should go wrong. You should also have an experienced dive buddy with you and not just someone on the surface. 



Quarry Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in quarries or quarry diving is a lot of fun to do and it gives people that are landlocked the ability to still be able to go diving and have fun. There are all kinds of things to discover in quarries from fish to plant life to all kinds of interesting and weird stuff.

I have been in abandoned quarries and found cranes, bulldozers, buildings with dishes still on the tables, a school bus, boats, rider mowers, just to name a few. Some quarries that I have been in have been 120 foot deep. There even way deeper ones around the world that attract all kinds of divers.

A great quarry to dive in can be found in N.E. Ohio, called Nelsons Ledges. They have events and festivals there all the time and even have one of the best Halloween dives I have ever been on. They even have some freshwater jellyfish along with fish, plant life, a boat and other things to explore. You can take a look at what they have to offer by following this link.



Cave diving is another fun and exhilarating dive to go on. Though I must say that it is a very technical dive and should be done by experienced divers with the correct training only. It is critical that you have the correct cave diving scuba gear for the dive. It can and is very dangerous but the payoffs can be huge in what you can find and experience.

You could discover new chambers and in fresh water, you can find chambers filled with huge stalactites and stalagmites on the floor and roof of the cave and in others see all kinds of other rock formations and structures. There is also numerous types of life in caves that cannot be seen anywhere else. Some caves have huge crystal structures, in all colors, that are just beautiful to see.

In ocean caves, the marine life can be breathtaking at times not to mention all the colors of the life that grows on the walls in some caves. Some caves have big chambers with air pockets in them which are can be quite spectacular to the see. Just the thrill of going where nobody else has gone before is quite exhilarating.

Cave Diving
Cave Diving
Cave Diving
Cave Diving


Scuba diving in rivers and lakes can be fun and quite challenging at times. Though it is rare to find rivers with really good visibility, they are still fun and interesting to dive and explore as to what is on the bottom and the fish and plant life. The fish can be really beautiful to see and can be a lot of fun. I have had fish constantly bumping into my mask, lol, the little guy must have gotten a headache from all times he kept bumping into my mask, lol.

River DivingRiver DivingAnyways, it was a really fun and good dive with me and some friends. We found cash, a bowling ball, 4 towels, bunch of firework rockets, clothes, zippo lighter, sunglasses and some other things, all in line along over about 200 feet of the bottom on that dive.

River Diving

Lakes can be pristine or as green as pea soup, lol. Did a dive in one lake, and had no visibility, and I mean zero, for about 40 feet. That was a suspenseful descent into an unknown lake, lol.Lake Diving

Lakes also have a large variety of life and wonderful structures under the water to see and explore. Rivers and lakes can have very strong currents and can be very dangerous so care should be taken when diving and a knowledge of the area and conditions is essential.Lake Diving

And then we have the OCEAN …

Even though the other places are beautiful and fun to dive, my favorite is still the ocean. Its vastness and diversity of life are just mind-boggling. The variety of color, shapes, and sizes of things is just so diverse, it is just too beautiful to describe. There is a cornucopia of life in the oceans around the world to see.

I have had the pleasure diving in places around the world and I have been absolutely stunned by the ocean’s beauty and diversity of life. I have even studied some Marine Biology on the oceans at college. Really interesting stuff.

There are many stunning and beautiful places to go diving around the world. Places like Honduras, Indonesia, Cozumel Mexico, The Maldives, The Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving in Florida, and just so many more. You can explore vibrant coral reefs, sunken ships, planes, caves, wall dives, giant kelp forests to explore, diving with whales and dolphins in the open water, and yes even sharks are cool, and so much more. The ocean is just full of wonderful sights and sounds.



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to respond to you. Hope to see you in the water soon!

Coral Reef Scuba Diving

Wreck Diving